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Leadership and Learning Partners will develop programs to meet client requirements. We can facilitate the workshops we develop or train clients to lead these sessions. A sampling of existing courses are listed below.

Course Development

Links the training to specific performance expectations

Is interactive and engaging

Is customized to the current situation

Includes training facilitation notes for client trainers use

Has specific follow up activities to reinforce learning

Measures skill usage after the training

Sample Workshops

Coaching Basics

Advanced Performance Coaching

Performance Management Best Practices

Behavioral Interviewing

Change Management

Sales Training

Sales Management Training

Leadership Skills for Middle Managers

Communicating the Company Brand

Inclusion Best Practices

Job Search Skills


Maximum participation no talking heads

Participants learn a concept and identify its immediate applicability

Participants leave the training ready to implement skills

Evaluation occurs to measure use of new skills

Managers provided information to coach new skills

Training Certifications

DDI - All programs

Achieve Global - All Programs

Novations - Behavioral Interviewing

Huithwaite Sales Training (SPIN)

Richardson - Sales and Sales Management

Studer -Service Training

Managing Personal Growth (MPG)

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