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Successful implementations always start with a challenge, followed by need definition, solution development and measurement.Examples include:

Performance Management: Significantly contributed to the design and implementation of a complete end-to-end solution for 10,000 employees.Deliverables included the design and delivery of employee communications, manager and employee training, change management support and ongoing program evaluation.This initiative well positioned the organization to have the PM process drive performance.PM evolved from an HR required activity to a management tool to manage the business.

Merger/Acquisition Support: Developed the process for assessing management readiness for merging four organizations as they merged into one. A complete management assessment provided the leadership team with clarity on what the people issues would be during the merger and a recommendation for driving additional revenue while undergoing significant organizational change.The documentation set the foundation for addressing the management challenges for this difficult blending of four very different organizational cultures.

Talent Management Strategy Development: Developed the talent management strategy for a 7,000 employee organization, supported by specific actionable tactics.Included was a set of customized leadership competencies, a leadership development curriculum, specific customized training courses and a customized 360 leadership assessment to support the new leadership competencies. The strategyand supporting tactics provided the leadership team the talent development tools and approach they needed to strengthen their leadership bench.

Global Associate Program Design and Development: Supporting a 60,000 employee global organization, the framework for a new hire program was designed and developed.This initiative targeted high potential recent university graduates. New hires were fast-tracked to meet both local and global talent needs. Using matrix management skills, the Human Resources Staff from five regions identified business requirements, hiring processes, training content and program delivery.The program launched on time, within budget, and continues to expand in reach and in number of participants.

Change Management During an Acquisition: Working on the acquired side of an acquisition, led a matrix team in the design, development and delivery of a change management communication tool.This job aid was designed to help managers communicate change in a purposeful way as they lead their teams through acquisition activities.The Managers Change Toolkit was well received and subsequently adopted and adapted by other organizations to support their change management initiatives.

Expanding Revenue across Business Lines: Two sales units were individually successful, and were targeted to expand and deepen client relationships by cross-selling each others products. This initiative combined both change management and sales development deliverables. The emphasis was on developing the rationale for expanding client relationships, developing consultative sales skills training and then delivering the training to this international population.Cross-sales targets were exceeded and the initiative grew in scope.

Management Development Curriculum: Once leadership competencies were developed, the task was then to identify coursework that would help managers learn the new skills and approaches that were now expected. Cost effective training solutions were identified by developing select courses for internal development. A process was developed to select the best vendor supplied training and to then train internal trainers to deliver the courses. The complete curriculum was ready in a short time period and participants rated the learning as effective and as an efficient use of their limited development time.The curriculum continues to be used throughout the organization.

Assessment and Feedback: Mid-level managers were identified as potentials for expanded leadership responsibilities. In discussions with executives, specific leadership competencies were identified and a customized 360 assessment was developed to provide developmental feedback. The managers completed the assessment, followed by one-on-one feedback discussions. These high potential managers and their executives then met to plan their development.The result was exactly as planned, resulting in specific development plans and a stronger connection between the high potential managers and the executive team.

University Curriculum Development: A small private college identified adult learners as an important market to grow additional revenue. A creative and pragmatic masters degree curriculum was developed, marketed and launched using a fast-track project timeline.This high quality graduate level curriculum resulted in full accreditation in the shortest allowed time.The college was then able to transition to becoming a university and continues to build from its strong graduate programs.

Internal Outplacement Services: An organization was reducing the number of non-management employees and was looking for a cost effective way to provide job search support.Released employees were offered optional workshops including: Best Web-Based Job Search Practices, Interviewing Tips and Resume and Application Writing Tips. Workshops were augmented with one-on-one assistance as well as the most recent publications on conducting job searches. The assistance was well attended,and employees voiced very favorable feedback on the quality of assistance. The organization received strong internal feedback from other employees who recognized that the organization provided a valuable service, helping employees during this difficult time.

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