Learning Labs & Upward Feedback

In 2012, Leadership and Learning Partners embarked on anapproach to overcome the challenge of management training being an event ratherthan a change process. The Learning LabApproach was piloted, has been implemented, and is ready for adaption to yourenvironment.

Learning Lab Model
90 Minute Learning Lab
-Action Learning
-Focused Content
-Practice Opportunities
-Individual Action Plans

Skills Applied
-Managers practise skills from Learning Lab.
-Apply best practices to own situations.

-One-on-one coaching based on applied skills.
-Feed back and recommitment to use skills.
-Progress documented to senior managers.
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Upward Feedback

Upward Feedback is aconfidential and customizable survey designed to give managers feedback from those working for them directly and indirectly. There are times when all a manager needs to be able to craft his/her own development plan with is feedback from those who work directly or indirectly for him/her. This cost-effective survey provides managers with the input they need to plan their own development.

Survey Mechanics Include:
1. Identify managers who will receive feedback and feedback providers.
2. Communicate program specifics to all parties.
3. Launch survey, prompt completion, run reports.
4.Meet with "managers of managers" to show developmental themes and potential development support.
5.Provide managers feedback and, as an option, assist in development planning.

Getting Started

We will customize a learning plan for your managers, to helpthem master and apply management skills that are relevant for yourorganization. Topics are virtuallyunlimited but can include:

Coaching skillsCommunication skillsEstablishing trust Engagingemployees Team meeting skills

Performance managementEmail communications Growingemployee skills Interview and selection

Contact us to start a discussion about your needs: INFO@L-LP.com

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