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Our mission is to supplement our client's Human Resource capability by bringing in top talent to design, develop and deliver leadership and training solutions.

Leadership and Learning Partners is committed to providing effective deliverables in a professional and upbeat manner. Manager and employee capability development is viewed as a special opportunity, one that is both purposeful and enjoyable.

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Welcome to Leadership and Learning Partners
Roger Turnquist Ph.D. founded Leadership and Learning Partners to accelerate management and employee development by bringing together the resources of many talented professionals into client engagements. As Founder, Roger identifies client needs and then brings together the best Partners to meet client requirements.

Leadership and Learning Partners focuses on three areas of manager and employee development:

1. Management Skills
2. Assessment and Feedback
3. Training Development and Delivery

Roger has 20+ years experience developing and delivering performance solutions to medium and large size organizations. His work has primarily been in banking, insurance and healthcare. In 2015 he facilitated workshops as a subcontractor to 29 organizations as well as directly supporting 5 of his own clients.

Our Clients Include:

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